Recruitment and Training Manager


1. Bachelor degree or above in human resources or management; 
2. At least 3-year relevant experience in large corporate HQ, and more than one-year working experience in recruiting and training; 
3. Familiar with the recruitment process and channels, as well as various professional evaluation tools; 
4. Have the concept of modern training management;
5. Excellent coordination, communication and interpersonal skills. 


Job description
1. Prepare the HR recruitment plan as per the Company's strategic planning and business requirements;
2. Establish and improve the Company's recruitment system and process, optimize the recruitment management tools;  
3. Improve the recruitment channels and fully implement the talent recruitment plan;
4. Develop and carry out the medium and long-term planning for the Company's HR training, as well as the training budget; 
5. Establish and improve the Company's training management system, training system and related processes; 
6. Organization and coordination of internal staff training based on the external resources; 
7. Establish partnership with external training institutions.

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