CIMC ENRIC Helps Innovate Import Transportation Mode for LNG Special Vessels
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Provided 205 45-foot LNG Cryogenic Containers and Successfully Completed the Trial Shipment for A Special Vessel

 (HONG KONG, 21 April 2021) – CIMC Enric Holdings Limited ("CIMC Enric" or the "Company"; SEHK: 3899) is pleased to announce today that Nantong CIMC Energy Equipment Co, Ltd. (“Nantong CIMC Energy”), a subsidiary of the Company, has successfully assisted a special vessel called “Fanzhou 6” with the return of 205 45-foot LNG cryogenic containers from Malaysia, berthing safely and unloading smoothly at Longkou Port of Yantai, China. The carrying capacity of this LNG tank container special vessel was about 4,150 tons of LNG, which marks the successful conclusion of the world's largest multimodal transport of LNG tank containers and fully proves the feasibility of the multimodal transport mode of natural gas. The 205 45-foot LNG cryogenic containers, which bore the heavy responsibility of the liquid transport, were all designed and manufactured by Nantong CIMC Energy.

As an arm under CIMC Enric mainly engaging in the business of cryogenic tank containers, Nantong CIMC Energy is able to design, develop/ innovate and manufacture cryogenic containers of various sizes from 10ft, 20ft, 40ft to 45ft, and of various specifications and media with different functions. Thanks to the good reputation, their products are extensively sold worldwide.

The 45-foot LNG cryogenic containers designed and manufactured by Nantong CIMC Energy have the advantages of large capacity (comparable to LNG road tankers), easy storage and transportation, flexibility and convenience, safety and reliability, and long storage time without damage. Moreover, each tank container is installed with intelligent monitoring system of CIMC Anjiehui to ensure that the liquid level, pressure, temperature and the location of the tank can be monitored in real time in scenarios like loading and unloading in depots and terminals, and marine transportation, which provides intelligent safety protection for the transportation section.

Mr. Yang Xiao-hu, Executive Director and General Manager of CIMC Enric, said, “LNG tank container products for multimodal transportation can be transported and traded safely and flexibly without changing the tank throughout the whole process. By locking the upstream gas supply and price mechanism, special vessels use LNG tank containers for bulk transportation, skipping the LNG receiving station section and enabling LNG spot imports to reach end-users directly, which to a certain extent reshapes the pattern of LNG tank container import logistics and is also a new way of LNG trade settlement. With the release of documents such as Requirements for the safe transportation of portable tanks carrying liquefied natural gas throughout the ship (for trial implementation) and continuous improvements of policies, LNG tank container will have broad development prospects. CIMC Enric is well prepared to provide customers with high-quality multimodal transport solutions and create new values for the environment together with customers.

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