Talent Mechanism

Talent Philosophy

People Orientation,Shared Ambition,Mutual Development,Common Values

People Orientation: Considering the talent as one of the sources for corporate competitiveness, while at the same time showing respect to people and acknowledging the individual contributions. In line with the company development strategies and individual expectations, the core competence and specialties of the employees are continuously explored in order to facilitate the overall self-actualization and achieve common benefits.

Shared Ambition: Shared each other’s ambitions identify the corporate vision with the individual career aspirations in order to stimulate joint efforts of all employees having a common faith.

Mutual Development: A mutual development for the common faith is advocated in order to establish a universal platform for employees to avail and exercise their potentials. By means of building up a learning organization, an effective development mechanism for employees has been established, with the aim to promoting a broad growth mechanism for both employees and company and achieving future success.

Shared Values: By sharing company’s accomplishments with the employees. Along with the multi-layered remunerations systems, benefits and incentives, employees are rewarded with reasonable benefits and fostered to enforce the fair distribution and increase the sense of achievements among employees.

Talent  Mechanism

Strategy Motivated   Performance Oriented

To inspire great expectations in employees, attract talents with a generous attitude, gather employees with immaculate culture and encourage the showing of talent with favorable conditions.

Company’s desire is to harvest talents by providing a broad space for career development, favorable environment for talent growth, an efficient incentive system and brilliant corporate culture and to create beneficial circumstances where the abilities and the knowledge are valued and where fair competition works for those who are ready to work at both upper and lower levels, in order to establish a platform where ambitious, capable and entrepreneurial employees are motivated to give full play to their skills.

Put the Right Person in the Right Position and Give him a Full Freedom to Show his Talents


Competence determines the position and contribution justifies the value. CIMC ENRIC has been adhering to a talent mechanism of assigning the right person in the right position and ensuring there is competence, a fair competition system for promotion and a leadership system where those in charge are ready to work at both upper and lower levels, in order to stimulate potentials and initiatives of employees and eventually to sort talents with virtues, competence and efficiency out among all others. In addition to that, the company sticks to the philosophy that the utmost success of the company is built upon the blend of talents, under the guidance of which the present development and the future of every employee are taken care of and that the individual qualities and skills are fully respected and put in application, in order to optimize the human resource allocation and eventually to take a full advantage of all their talents and capabilities.


Pursuit of Excellence, Beyond Innovation

Inspired by the belief that excellent products are developed by a great team and an outstanding company can only be built upon the sense of perfection and the spirit of innovation that inspires tens of thousands of employees, the company has taken great endeavors in establishing a learning organization which strives for a continuous improvement with a view of providing multiple approaches and tools towards learning, developing employees’ potentials in  perpetual enhancement and innovation and stimulating passion and ability to seek excellence from employees so as to bow to the spirit of self-denial.